Barrow Full of Blooms

June 04, 2020 Date:
7pm Time:
Kate Instructor:
$35.00 Cost:

Greetings Good People!

We are reopening with limited class sessions and limited seating.

  • Advance online registration is required and we have to have at least 4 signed up in order to hold an instructed class. 
  • People who are families or friends who have sheltered in place together are welcome to sit together, limit of 6 people.
    Groups will be at separate tables. As in, if you're a party of 2, we won't be seating you at a table of 6. You'll be at another table, with at least 6' between you and another party.
  • Wearing a mask is up to you. We fall closer to a bar or restaurant in the capacity that you sit down at a station, will likely be drinking something, and you really only get up for the restroom - where you will wash your hands before returning to your seat. (You should have been doing that already, y'all!) We simply ask that you are conscientious and considerate to others, even to those in your own party.
  • The instructor will wear a mask while teaching. It's therefore important to quieten down and listen when she speaks. LOL I know, that's asking a lot of some. Please help us out so we don't have to yell the same directions 5x through a mask.
  • You are welcome to bring your own apron, but we will be rotating ours behind each session. We have 60+ aprons. No stress here.
  • You are welcome to bring your own drinking vessels, but you still cannot BYOB per ACC ordinances.
  • That's all I can think of for now. I'll add on if I think of anything else. Just know that we're being conscientious as we reopen slowly.