ARTini's Open Art Studio, Gallery & Lounge

ARTini's was once only a twinkle in my eye.
I have never owned my own business, though I've been the right hand (wo)man to a number of successful business owners. It's from them I've learned (almost) everything I know regarding business.
I graduated with a BFA from Middle Tennessee State University in 1998 and immediately moved to Atlanta. Fearful of  being a starving artist I took on administration positions, working my way up to Executive Assistant, and learning everything I could along the way. The more my "real job" demanded of me, the less I kept with my art. I did some small shows, but mostly sold direct or accepted commissions. 
Admin put food on the table. Art fed my soul. I've been involved in a number of industries; hospitality, manufacturing, retail, medical office and I feel that this diverse experience has provided me with the knowledge I need. I knew I would own my own business one day - I just didn't know what, when or where.
In June 2010, a friend told me about a painting experience she had while visiting Denver, CO. She was so excited to tell me about it she bubbled over with enthusiasm, "The music was turned up, we were drinking some wine and painting along and had the best time!" She suggested that perhaps this is what I do for myself. I shook my head. I don't know...owning my own business...I'm comfortable now...who needs the stress. And I shelved it. 
Long story short, the economy almost cost me my job with J House Media (Shout out because they are A-mazing!). Thankfully, it didn't. But it woke me up. It's time. It's time to do something I love every day and it's time to use the gift I was given to give back. It excites me that I am able to share art and bring it to everyone. 
And voila. ARTini's was born!