Something for Everyone!

With close to 1000 paintings in our library & tons of stencil design options, we're bound to have something for everyone. If you don't see a painting you like, we can very likely create it for your event. If it's truly an exclusive piece which we cannot use on the calendar again, the cost is $100 and you get to keep the original.

Click on an album to view the paintings. You will be linked out to Flickr.
**Please keep in mind that not every piece is easy to do on your own. If it's more involved looking, then it is in fact, more involved to accomplish. Select a top 2 or 3 and we'll let you know what's easiest. Also, if your piece has not been chosen before, we may not have directions drafted. It takes time to sit down & draft directions, so if you sign up right before class just keep that in mind. Also picking a top 2 or 3 helps avoid this. And lastly, if you want to do a brand new piece, we may not have directions bc we haven't taught it once ourselves to know how to tell you to do it on paper.

PAINTING GALLERIES (Select from here for private parties and Pick Your Own Painting)

Animals & Critters                  Flowers & Plants                     Objects

Athens Area & UGA                 Food & Drink                           People & People-y Things

Beachy Things                         Holiday                                    Sunsets                            

Characters                               Kid Stuff                                  Wood, Words, & Phrases   

Classics                                    Landscapes                             Master List on Flickr          


Animals & Critters                   Country, Farm, & Home         
Monogram Designs

Armed Forces & Uniforms       Family & Friends                    Religious & Spiritual

Athens Area & UGA                 Hobby & Sport                        Seasonal

Beach & Lake                           Holidays                                 Teacher & School

Coffee & Wine                          Inspiration & Quotes


Y'all there are just too many things to list. Smaller items like ornaments are $12 with our most expensive items being $25 and we have an assortment of things in between. Our lighted Christmas items are also options year-round if we have them in stock and those go up to $69. 
Check out our Instagram page for highlights & images.
Stock Ceramics
Christmas Ornaments
Larger Christmas Items