$15 Make & Take Candy Heart Canvas 12pm - 8pm

February 12, 2024 Date:
12pm - 8pm Time:
Kate Instructor:
$15.00 Cost:

Make a canvas Valentine for your sweetheart. Or, make an anti-Valentine for yourself...or your nemesis. 
We don't care what you write on it - it's your candy heart!

8x8 canvases. Sketch the heart on how you'd like it...straight up or tilted one way or the other.
Choose your own colors. We'll help you figure it out & what color to make your shadow.
Lettering is done all by your own hand, so unless you're a practiced letter painter, may want to keep the phrase short.
Bonus points for double entendres!

Go ahead & purchase online, arrive anywhere between 12pm and 7pm, so you can allow yourself that last hour to complete your piece.
if you are part of a group, choose a host name & have your people enter it in the "Leader of the Pack" box so I know you all sit together.