Blue Elephant Zoom Class

June 27, 2020 Date:
1pm - 3pm Time:
Kate Instructor:
$20.00 Cost:

Zoom Link!


Shape is stenciled for you.

- If you need a kit, purchase the kit as is for $20
- If you just want the class and NOT the brushes, enter promo code NOBRUSH for $5 off.

Please only do 11x14 so you can be complete in 2 hours. However you can always go back to the video at a later date if you fall behind.
I will be moving forward as I am complete with a step. If you feel rushed you can always go back & watch the video later. But honestly speaking, kind of forcing yourself to move ahead instead of obsess over a step is good practice. :D
Things you will need:
- Canvas 11x14 or smaller
- White, Phthalo blue, black, purple, Tiny dark green (phthalo green)
- Big flat brush, small flat brush, tiny flat
- Water cup, paper towel, and mixing plate
- Have a blow dryer handy just in case!
- An adult beverage if you're 21+ to help nerves & encourage creative flow!